Learn the art of Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journals, Dot journals or BUJO as they are also known, is an extremely popular way to spend quality time whilst recharging your batteries. Not only does owning a bullet journey return you to the traditional pen and paper concept of old, but they offer a creative outlet which services a purpose. The entire concept of Bullet Journals is centred around having fun. If like me, you are absolutely in love with stationery, Bullet Journaling is definitely for you. From the books themselves to the stationery that you use which enables you to make your journal simply divine, the entire experience is rewarding for anyone who loves to create. Choose a journal for yourself that you absolutely love and which inspires you then fill it with all your good intentions your creative juices can muster.

The biggest stumbling block which a person must first overcome is simply getting started. Many of us, myself included, feel that they are not creative enough to produce a really beautiful bullet journal. Watching Instagram and other online posts can leave you feeling that this is not the thing for you. From one ‘uncreative’ person to another, I’m here to share a few secrets with you.

First things first, the journal is YOURS and yours alone. No one starts out making the perfect free-hand journal page. There are no mistakes. It takes time to find your journaling strengths and get into the groove of what you want to create for your own specific requirements. So as you begin, play a little. Don’t expect the best of the best right away. And remember, there are always more journals out there which you can fill up and start over in. Why not keep all your journals so that you can look back and see how far you have come with your creative genius. And if no creative “genius” is evident, you will still most certainly grow and develop your own style. Remember, the joy is in the making.

Secondly, you don’t have to do this alone. By this, I mean that there are hundreds of beautiful supplies which you can use to help the process along. One thing that you need to know when you watch the free-hand guru’s online, is that the videos are sped up. So what you are seeing is not reality. But what I love the most about my journals is the stencils. Using a stencil means so much more variety. Using icons instead of letters can fill up a page with perfectly proportioned images which you can then embellish. While a structured approach to the journal itself will help you organise your journal, a free mind will help you decorate each and every page in your own special way, beautifully blending balance between your left and right brain.

If you are someone who is looking for a hobby that you can really through your heart and soul into, Journaling can be a life changing experience.

Ove the next few weeks, we will be showing you how to Bullet Journal with our step by step guide.