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La station de métro Holland Park

Holland Park à Londres est une station de métro , sur la ligne centrale, il se trouve entre les stations de Bush et Notting Hill Gate berger , dans Travelcard Zone 2 . Conçu pour le chemin de fer le centre de Londres , le bâtiment typique conçu par des mesures harry Bell. Construit en 1900, le bâtiment a été donné un toit plat en espérant que les extensions auront lieu , de ce qui n’a pas eu lieu à ce jour à l’exception de rénovation dans les années 1990 . En 1958, il y avait un incident malheureux d’un passager mort suite à un incendie dans le train Central Line à Holland Park .

Si les stations de chemin de fer et le mode de Voyage sont une pensée de l’intrigue , Locations de vacances Londres recommande que le St Pancras International, le chemin de fer central de Londres à visiter lors de votre visite de Holland Park . Le St Pancras International ornée de pièces artistiques de diverses importances . La plupart des œuvres d’art affichées au glamour signifie le chemin de fer ont soulevé toute une quantité de critiques d’art .

Appartements à louer à proximité du British Museum est tout à fait un cinq étoiles classé hébergement indépendant idéal à respecter et à réserver avec comme il est abondamment bénis avec les stations de métro les plus proches – un saut et sur ​​le point de votre destination . Parlant de transport , location de vacances à londres est proche de nombreuses lignes de bus , pratique pour l’aéroport d’Heathrow et à 15 minutes de la gare de Paddington . Dès lors, pourquoi quand vous cherchez à louer un appartement à Londres , de nombreux précédente de vacances permet aux clients de Londres de nouvelles réservations à supporter qu’ils obtiennent un Appartements à louer à proximité de Buckingham Palace à l’une des partie la plus sûre et plus chic de la ville . Le système de réservation en ligne convivial et sécuritaire utilisateur ne fait que notre client de revenir à notre hébergement gîte aussi notrelocations vacances londres centre classe étoiles de haute spécification des équipements . Notre vacances répétitif permet aux clients de profiter de nos Londres Appartements à louer à proximité de Tower Bridge à Londres , rabais et promotions .

La station de métro est nommé d’après un parc à l’ouest de Londres appelé Holland Park et dispose d’un montant de l’estimation de sortie et d’entrée de 3,390 millions de personnes en 2010 . Comme le tube a été nommé d’après le parc situé à West Kensington , Appartements à louer près de Londres Eye recommande que le parc se visite . Le parc est pleine floraison de tulipes au printemps .

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Heal your mind, body and spirit

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. Sexual organs play a major role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and when our sexual organs are subject to blockages due to toxins we reduce our capacity to create and move our sexual energy (Chi, Prana, Life force) throughout our body which is required for our self-healing mechanism.

Benefits of the Yoni Vaginal Massage


Yoni massage helps break down the blockages and to release toxins to increase blood flow to sexual organs.

  1. Increased blood flow helps to release more hormones easily, to help stimulate both sexual and brain functioning
  2. Healthy hormonal balance help us with protection against many health related problems such as
    1. Memory loss
    2. Back pain
    3. Poor circulation
    4. Decreased libido
    5. Menopause
    6. Helps to release past trauma and emotions held in sexual organs, increasing the orgasmic potential
    7. Helps with other problems such as
      1. Impotence
      2. Difficult urination
      3. Painful menstruation
      4. Painful intercourse
      5. Lower back pain
      6. Body alignment and bad posture
      7. Strengthening pelvic flow muscles
      8. Vitality
      9. Helps with Female Ejaculation (Amrita), which helps women to release negative stagnant emotions
      10. Ability to become sexually aroused more quickly and fully and to experience full body orgasms through sexual intercourse
      11. To become independent of your own orgasms and empowerment

Many women have suffered sexual abuse in their childhood which they can’t even remember due to dissociation during a frozen state at the time of the abuse. These traumas are the ones that create the deepest blocks reducing the orgasmic capacity. Yoni massage helps to release these traumas and emotions to make you free.

Initial Yoni massage will be the most traumatic due to the vulnerability, but the subsequent sessions get much easier as you being to peel off layers of negative emotions in the Yoni and beginning to feel deep pleasure and full body multi orgasms that you never experienced before. What most women experience is the clitoral orgasms which is very limited in terms of pleasure comparatively to G spot and A spot orgasms which runs through your body with limitless waves of orgasms that you would feel in your head transforming all negative energies in the pathway into positivity. Female ejaculations will be measured in cupful’s, soaking the towels feeling ecstasy beyond imagination.

Pleasure aspects of the yoni massage is only a tiny part of the transformation. I have seen women blossom as a powerful, creative woman developing their career, with good health and happiness with improved relationships and being able to find their ideal partner and getting rid of most of the sexual dysfunctions and disorders and many illnesses they suffered for many years. Above all you will feel younger after each session due to rejuvenating every cell in your body

Yoni massage is not a quick fix. It’s a slow journey with lots of patience and commitment.

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Shopping at the The Travelling Souk is fun

Home Accessories  Some super Unique gifts special offers in the home accessories from The Travelling Souk, buy now and put in your present drawer for special occasions and birthdays. Here are some we recommend:

Illumens Fragranced Candle by Aurialis

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Handmade beautiful candles make fabulous gift ideas, manufactured using the highest quality waxes and a range of 10 different natural fragrance oils and perfumes really will impart a delightful fragrance to any room in your house.

Pair of White Knitted Candle by Decocube

Pair of White Knitted Candle

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This pair white Knitted Candle will look great in any room. It has an engraved twisted cable knit design that almost looks real but in wax.

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RUMM energy consultants in UK and Wales

RUMM energy management services UK has many clients who they have assisted in reducing energy consumption, read about Amtico International success story and the incredible savings they have wish to achieve. They are on target to save £1.1million over 5 years

The Client

Amtico International based in Coventry is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring products. Acquired in 2013 by Mannington Mills, one of the largest flooring companies in the USA, Amtico International has 2 manufacturing plants in Atlanta USA as well as the Coventry UK facility.

The Brief

RUMM energy management services Wales were engaged by Amtico at their UK manufacturing facility for a number of reasons:
• legislation requirements to fulfil,
• compliance as part of their ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, and;
• the need maintain cost control of their energy use.

The Method

The site accepted the recommendations coming out of by the RUMM CAP to address a number of energy saving technical projects, and install a range of sub-meters and an aM&T system to identify and generate more savings. Amtico contracted RUMM to work in partnership with them over 5 years to continually reduce their energy consumption/cost.

RUMM’s resources contribute support and expertise to the partnership to help guide savings through data analysis, projects manage energy savings initiatives and to attend site regularly to monitor and report progress

The Results

In addition to meeting the brief of compliance to legislation and standards, the energy savings target of £ 1.1m over 5 years of engagement is on schedule. RUMM energy management services UK  is now engaged with the USA manufacturing facilities to evaluate opportunity to replicate this service.

Why it Worked

RUMM energy management services UK  and energy management services Wales  brought much needed resource to help deliver savings and were able to utilise the on-site knowledge and experience of Amtico staff. The data analyses that can be carried out remotely helps target and prioritise the next energy saving initiatives, and monitor and report progress to maintain momentum.

Nanny McPhee production by London Children’s Ballet

My daughters friend Annabelle Adey from Epsom, Surrey is Nappy McPhee in the London Childrens Ballet this month. Take the children for some fabulous kids entertainment in London.

Actress Emma Thompson helps turn Nanny McPhee films into children’s ballet

A children’s ballet based on Emma Thompson’s hit Nanny McPhee movies is to receive its premiere in London next month after the star gave the go-ahead for the show.

The Oscar-winning actress, who wrote the scripts and appeared in the films, offered to help with the dance show, with the backing of Universal Studios, after seeing an earlier production by London Children’s Ballet.

The charity campaigns to make the art accessible to young people from all backgrounds.

Artistic director Lucille Briance said she read many books to try to find great stories for shows, adding: “I’m always looking for a story that has a really strong dramatic line.”

But the charity, now in its 20th year, could not afford to spend money on rights, so Thompson’s help was a blessing.

Mrs Briance said: “She is the most marvellous philanthropic person.” Thompson, who wrote the films based on Christianna Brand’s Nurse Matilda books, is set to attend the premiere of the ballet on April 24.

Annabelle Adey, 14, from Epsom, Surrey, will take the title role. The teenager, who has been dancing since she was two, said it was “really exciting”, adding: “It’s such a big production and a much bigger stage than I have ever danced on before. It’s like a dream.”

Cameron Nolan, 10, from Banstead, Surrey, said it was “amazing” to have the chance to play Sebastian, one of Nanny’s charges.

Around 550 children aged nine to 16 auditioned for 60 parts.

Nanny McPhee is at the Peacock Theatre from April 24 to 27. 

Tantra can help anyone who wants to improve the quality and well-being of their life

Mal Weeraratne is a British Pioneer in the Area of Emotional Release through bodywork, he has studied in various accredited institutes under pioneers & experts earning him the accolade of being the first Certified Tantra Educator in the UK.

Do you need to find emotional release and equilibrium in your life? Are you feeling despondent and struggling to survive day to day? Doesn’t despair there is help available unearthing experiences and gaining emotional and sexual healing. This is often a difficult and painful process but with the Tantric journey and Mal Weeraratne you will soon feel healed and free in your relationships.

Mal Weeraratne  acts as a guide to help clients find equilibrium through Tantric Journey work he unearths what individuals are truly needing out of their life and relationships. His approach is practical, compassionate, and honest which he views the client as the expert in their experiences and himself as the expert in interventions to be used to gain optimal functioning and performance in life.

Find peace and harmony in your life again with Mal Weeraeatne.

Knowall IT are the leading experts in outsourcing IT

Doing business with Knowall managed IT London   will be one of the most pleasurable business transactions as they are the experts in making your business IT requirements professional thus assisting to concentrate on the core requirement of your business.

Speak to any one of over 500 SME’s in London and search on Google and you will soon discover that Knowall IT are the leading experts in outsourcing IT.

On site within an hour is the promise Knowall Managed IT make to all their UK clients. A promise they have been known to keep.

Don’t get left behind with technology speak to Knowall managed IT services London today and relieve your company of the stress of managing their own IT department so they can focus on their core business.

Knowall IT the experts with a wealth of knowledge they have gained over the many years they have been in the business.

Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold have beautiful walks, bicycle trails and bird life


Relax and unwind this weekend at Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold set in the rolling hills of Surrey and West Sussex border. Bed and Breakfast Surrey is nestled away on a peaceful farm set in the foothills in Surrey, West Sussex border. Your hosts will greet you with a warm welcome and show you to one of the large double bedrooms and you will soon feel at home.

Bed and Breakfast West Sussex has beautiful walks, bicycle trails and bird life, whilst set in the countryside it’s conveniently located near to some cosy pubs and shops.

Order a delicious home cooked evening meal to arrive ‘home’ to after a day of adventure in the countryside. After the meal you are welcome to sit by a roaring fire with a book or a drink before retiring for the night.


IBS offer a wide range of air moving products to many sectors in the industry

Industrial Blower Services offer a simple and effective portable air conveying system for cleaning, recycling, collecting waste and split product. IBS offer you comprehensive solutions including industrial vacuum pumps for vacuuming wet and dry spillage and dust through the use of our extensive industrial vacuum loaders.

Portable Vacuum Loader hire:

  • Wet Industrial Vacuuming Hire
  • Dry Industrial Vacuuming Hire
  • Air Industrial Vacuuming Hire
  • Portable air conveying system Hire
  • Industrial Vacuum Loader Hire

IBS offer a wide range of air moving products to the Industrial, Utility, Manufacturing, Road Tanker, Municipal and Commercial sectors which include the following.

FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum Loader is able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system. No obligation site surveys.

IBS have liquid ring, rotary vane, side channel, claw and roots type vacuum pumps available to minimise our customers down time in the event of:

  • Emergency breakdown
  • Planned repair/maintenance
  • Short-term demand
  • Testing of new systems
  • Accidental damage

Industrial vacuum loader for sale from IBS and then you can always send it in for a FREE Vacuum loader health check when required.

Holland Park Tube Station is a famous Underground Station in London

Holland Park in London is an Underground Station, on the Central Line it lays between Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill Gate stations, in Travelcard Zone 2. Designed for the Central London Railway, the building as typical designed by harry Bell Measures. Built in 1900 the building was given a flat roof hoping that extensions would take place, of that which has not taken place to this day except for refurbishment in 1990s. In 1958 there was an unfortunate incident of a passenger dying due to fire on the Central Line train at Holland Park.

If railway stations and mode of travel are a thought of intrigue, Holiday Lets London recommend that the St Pancreas International the central railway of London to be visited whilst visiting Holland Park. The St Pancreas International is adorned with artistic pieces of various importances. Most of the art pieces displayed to glamour signify the railway have raised quite an amount of art criticisms.

Flats for rent near British Museum is quite an ideal five star rated self catering accommodation to adhere to and book with as it is abundantly blessed with the closest tube stations – a hop and about to your destination. Speaking of transportation, Holiday Lets London is close to numerous bus routes, convenient to Heathrow airport and 15 minutes away from Paddington station. Hence why when looking to rent a flat in London, many of previous Holiday Lets London clients re-book to endure that they obtain a Flats for rent near Buckingham Palace at one of the safest and classiest part of the city. The user friendly and safe online booking system only makes our client to return to our self catering accommodation also our Holiday Lets London star class high specification amenities. Our repetitive Holiday Lets London clients enjoy our Flats for rent near Tower Bridge London, discounts and promotions.

The tube station is named after a park in West London called the Holland Park and has an estimate amount of exit and entry of 3.390 million individuals in 2010. As the tube has been named after the park situated in West Kensington, Flats for rent near London Eyerecommends that the park be visited. The park is full bloom of tulips in spring.

Visit our Holiday Lets London website and What’s In On London to obtain more information on Holland Park.  Call our Holiday Lets London hotline which operates 24 hours a day or leave us an email inquiry in French, Spanish, German, Italian or English