Home from Home away in the countryside


Tucked away on a farm is the most beautiful bed and breakfast Surrey, located conveniently to all amenities from only Single Occupancy from £55 per night (two nights or more). This upmarket bed and breakfast boast stunning views, internet access, TV, Hi Fi digital stereo radio cd player, Tea and coffee making facilities and homemade scrumptious home cooked meals.

The countryside is scenic with long walks, easy cycling routes or relax next to the fire with a drink or in the comfort of the very large well furnished rooms.

‘Home away from Home’ is how Bed and Breakfast West Sussex has been described by many who have stayed there. From the moment the friendly hosts greet you on arrival to when you have said goodbye you will feel at home. Bring the children or sneak away for a weekend break, Bed and breakfast Dunsfold welcomes you.

Knowall IT have exciting positions available

Knowall IT Support BayswaterIT Support Hammersmith and IT Support Fulham  have some exciting positions available, would you like to work for this fabulous company who are making their mark in the IT industry.

Careers – Client Facing Network Engineer for IT Support Holborn and IT Support Hounslow

Knowall IT is a Paddington based IT and Telecoms provider, specialising in the supply of Cloud based technologies and IT resources to organisations across Central London.

All Knowall ITs services are developed around its always on, highly agile, highly scalable and device independent Cloud Platform. Which is supported via our highly responsive 24/7 Telephone Support Desk and onsite engineer resource.

Knowall IT is continually growing and we are seeking talented engineers to join our team!


  • Graduate level education or 18 months working in a similar role
  • Excellent understanding of configuring & maintaining Microsoft based networks
  • Experience in designing, deploying, managing and supporting corporate networks
  • Exposure to Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, incl. Administering Domains & DNS
  • Experience in deploying – WAN’s – across a mixture of firewalls & router brands
  • Exposure to VoIP telephone systems – SWYX / Avaya
  • Administration of LANs
  • Ability to communicate, plan & deploy systems within client facing environment.
  • Project management
  • Demonstrated problem analysis and resolution skills
  • Ability to work long hours, on a regular basis, to complete client projects
  • Excellent client service attitude
  • A willingness to learn and develop 

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Rent a friend with Dukes of Daisy

Are you going on a dinner date estcort, sport male estcort, weekend away, movies, work function, Christmas party or a wedding and looking to a rent a friend? Why not try Dukes of daisy your professional, reliable and safe rent a friend UK companion service.

Read what our clients have to say about our rent a friend service:

“What a night! I just wanted to say I had an amazing time with Aaron and he treated me like a Lady! I will be booking again soon!” Anita, London

“I work long hours and don’t have time to play “Dating Games“. I’m in my 40s and occasionally want male company and a simulating conversation with a bit of humour and charm” Anonymous, Milton Keynes

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IBS your industrial equipment specialists

Spares and Ancillaries   

IBS are the sole European distributors of Fuitland Vacuum pumps (Road Tanker Equipment ). As manufacturers we can supply all models to meet your specific requirements.

At IBS Ltd we can offer you comprehensive solutions for Industrial Blowers usa hire – wet and dry spillage and dust thru the use of our extensive industrial vacuum loaders & industrial vacuum equipment.  We offer a simple and effective Bare shaft blowers and portable air conveying system for cleaning, recycling, collecting waste and spilt product.

Industry is heavily dependent on the efficient operation of your Robuschi Vacuum Pumps. Our experienced staff are able to analyse problems, advise on the most cost-effective/efficient solution and how quickly that solution can be implemented. For site emergency situations during working hours, we aim to respond within 4 hours based on distances up to 100 mile radius from our nearest available engineer.

Aerzen Positive Displacement Blowers for oil-free conveying of air and gasesAerzen Positive Displacement Blowers (of the “Roots” type design) have been manufactured since 1868 and today are highly developed standard production machines designed and adapted to find use in a wide variety of applications.

IBS supply; new Aerzen blowers, reconditioned and service exchange Aerzen blowers and provide a full service and maintenance service for Aerzen blowers . Bare shaft machines and blower sets are also available.

Unlike most manufacturers who specify an 8 to 16 week lead time for new blowers, IBS hold the largest range of new, reconditioned and service exchange aerzen blowers usa in stock ready for immediate dispatch
With an experienced team of professionals we are confident of providing the most cost-efficient solution to blower problems and requirements.

Our flexibility allows us to supply and install any make and model of blower (including new innovations) for any form of contract including Framework Agreements, for example Atlas Copco ZB Centrifugal Blowers and ZS Rotary Screw Blowers

For more info on any of our and Robuschi blowers click here to contact us.

Le British Museum de Londres est dédié à l’histoire et à la culture

Le musée présente 13 millions de travaux impairs de différents continents et est parmi les plus grands musées et complets.Le musée est consacré à exposer les origines de l’existence humaine et la culture à nos jours.

Locations de vacances Londres recommande fortement que le Musée Grande-Bretagne est un endroit à visiter pendant votre séjour à Londres . Le musée abrite de nombreuses artefacts qui sont d’abord à la culture humaine et en Grande-Bretagne.

Le musée a été ouvert au public en 1759 et jusqu’en 1997, quand la British Library propose le musée est unique comme le musée logé antiquités et une bibliothèque nationale dans son ensemble. Sir Hans Sloane est le fondateur de la British Museum et la plupart des collections sont des « curiosités » de Sloane recueillies au cours de sa durée de vie . En 1840, le musée est devenu impliqué dans la première fouille à l’étranger dans l’expédition de Charles Fellow à Xanthos , en Asie Mineure . Le musée possède la plus grande collection d’objets enrôlé dans son site Internet pour un montant de 2.000.000 entrées d’objets individuels.

Le British Museum abrite la plupart des quantités d’antiquités égyptiennes près de 100.000 pièces . Antiquités égyptiennes ont été une partie de la British Museum depuis sa création comme il a reçu 160 pièces de Sir Hans Sloane . Le British Museum détient le plus grand nombre de collections de momies en dehors du Caire et a l’infâme maman de Cléopâtre de Thèbes également.

Le British Museum possède également la plus grande collection de Classique mondiale dans son ministère de la Grèce et de Rome . Les objets les plus anciens sont de la datation grec Age du Bronze à 3200 av.

Le British Museum est une façade de l’histoire et de la crainte. Locations de vacances à Londres , l’un des studios de vacances très réservées à Londres pour le logement de restauration d’individu , état ​​dans lequel il est recommandé sincèrement pour tout vacancier à visiter le British Museum à se accaparer dans la nuit des temps . Sur demande d’ endroits à visiter par tout vacancier notre Locations de vacances Londres personnel à court terme recommandent British Museum comme l’un il est amusé par la diversité des antiquités que l’on n’était pas au courant de l’avance .

En dehors de Paris et de Vienne British Museum détient la meilleure collection de copies occidentales et dessins . Comme tout autre site emblématique de Londres, le British Museum est reliée à la controverse que certains éléments de la collection sont contestés en raison de réclamer.

Histoire de Londres est de ne manquent pas. Locations vacances londres centre peut concocter un plateau des endroits les plus fascinants à visiter à Londres selon votre palais d’intérêt . Locations vacances londres court séjour propose des hébergements de soi pour de nombreux touristes qui cherchent à louer un appartement à Londres ou un studio de vacances à Londres . De plus, notre personnel location de vacances à Londres sont formés pour vous aider à passer un séjour mémorable à Londres . Écrivez-nous exprimer vos domaines d’intérêt pour le site et voir notre location de vacances Londres personnel peut vous aider à prendre à la maison beaucoup d’histoire.

Mal Weeraratne is a certified Tantric educator in the UK

Mal Weeraratne is a British Pioneer In the Area of Emotional Release through bodywork, Who has studied in various accredited institutes under pioneers & experts earning him the accolade of being the first Certified Tantra Educator in the UK.

Mal has worked in the field of Human Sexuality since 1994, both in learning and treating over 3000 clients from all walks of life.

An Overview:  How Tantric Temple Model Benefited Women and Men 

The problem How Tantric temple model could help
75% of women involved in prostitution started as children. Tantric Temple Model looks to heal men and remove blockages, thus preventing them from abusing children
More than half of UK women in prostitution have been raped and/or seriously sexually assaulted. At least three quarters have been physically assaulted (Home Office 2004b).Whilst the rape within marriage and domestic violence figures against women in the UK are unclear as only a small percentage are reported.In January 2013, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Home Office released its first ever joint Official Statistics bulletin on sexual violence, entitled An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales.It reported that:Approximately 85,000 women are raped on average in England and Wales every yearOver 400,000 women are sexually assaulted each year

1 in 5 women (aged 16 – 59) has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16.

According to a famous psychiatrist, Schrodinger, all men have the potential to be Rapists. Mal explains why he agrees with this rapist analogy,‘’I agree with this as most men do not know how to cultivate and process sexual energy within them, due to blockages of their energy channels due to emotions as a result of trauma. Not having the ability to control his sex drive could lead to rape and abuse. It is true when a woman says no, it could mean yes and at the same time when a woman says yes, it could mean no. This is due to women’s ever changing emotions like waves in the sea, unlike more stable and static emotions in most men. Therefor men need special communication skills, to understand woman. It’s always important to ask for permission and to get verbal approval before penetration and also to follow the woman’s sexual rhythm and not to lead her with the man’s sexual rhythm which a woman can get lost in it and lose her own rhythm. This is the time she wants a man to stop having sex and don’t know how to say No or Stop. So, most women get raped from this stage onwards as the man is doing something not for her pleasure but for his pleasure and ego totally unconsciously. To stop this rape most women fake the orgasm to encourage the man to have an ejaculation and orgasm by satisfying his ego. For this reason, It’s always safer to wait till women ask men to make love before penetration. To make this happen men must learn to arouse a woman and take time before penetration. It is woman’s nature to dress provocatively. This must not to be taken as a message to rape me, but it means take me I am the sexiest woman on this planet who could satisfy you. Men must grow spiritually to understand woman’s nature as they test men all the time with dress and giving confusing messages and signals such as Yes and No that they don’t mean. The one who pass the test will be invited to bed, where a woman can open up to be orgasmic and men must be patient for this invitation and not proceed otherwise.’’
68% of women in prostitution meet the criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the same range as torture victims and combat veterans undergoing treatment (Ramsey et al 1993). Women involved in prostitution will become damaged by the men that are using them, which is why the Tantrika in Mal’s model received healing treatments to prevent them becoming damaged and blocked.
The mortality rate for women in prostitution in London suffer is 12 times the national average (Home Office 2004a). The Tantric Temple Model , provided a safe and healing environment. The Tantrika were there on a voluntary basis and were free from fear and oppression.
As many as 85% women in prostitution report physical abuse in the family, with 45% reporting familial sexual abuse The statistics speak for themselves, many of the women damaged and hurt by abuse go on to suffer more abuse because they are unable find healing and re-build their lives. Women need to be able to access healing for the sexual abuse they have encountered and men need treatment to stop the abusive cycle. A Tantric Temple Model can provide a long term solution to these problems as oppose to prostitution that at best treats a symptom in a short term with no long term effect.
In the UK as many as 60 women involved in prostitution have been murdered in the last 10 years 80,000 women work in ‘on-street’ prostitution in the UK. The average age women become involved in prostitution being just 12yrs old This highlights not only the risk that prostitutes face daily, but also highlights a general trend towards abuse and violence to women and minors.
The Jimmy Saville Case is just the tip of the iceberg…Police recorded over 23,000 sex offences against children aged under 18 years in England and Wales between April 2012 and March 2013.More than one in three children (34 per cent) who experienced contact sexual abuse by an adult did not tell anyone else about it.Four out of five children (82.7 per cent) who experienced contact sexual abuse from a peer did not tell anyone else about it Whilst the Nation held their breath in horror as the extent of Jimmy Savile’s abuse of the young and vulnerable came to light; Mal Weeraratne has been troubled by what he calls an ‘epidemic of abuse in the UK’.Commander Peter Sindler said that Savile ‘spent every minute of every day’ thinking about his next sex attack’ He said the predator – who carried out a 54 years long campaign of sexual abuse across Britain – picked ‘the most vulnerable who were least likely to speak out against him’. Mal explains that this is far from extraordinary and is sadly happening across Britain every single day and is part of a culture and cycle of abuse that has to be stopped.Mal is a leading authority on how best to tackle the problem of child abuse, incest and domestic violence.

South London Refurbishments professional builders


Have you got unused space in your loft and need an extra room?  Have you considered a loft conversions LondonLoft conversions South London is the ideal answer to extending the living space of your home. There is much potential in using space that already exists within a house.

South London Refurbishments builders South London provide the best advice and affordability in loft conversion work in the South London region, covering most areas within it such as loft conversions Putney, loft conversions Fulham  and loft conversions Chelsea.

A loft conversions Wandsworth can greatly add value to your property, so if moving up the ladder or development takes your fancy, a loft conversion can be the answer. The ability to build new housing in a city like London is becoming more and more limited. House prices, convenience of travel to work and schools may have to be balanced against the needs of a growing family and so the decision to stay where you are and have a loft conversion to give you that extra space may be the most logical and financially prudent alternative to moving house.

It doesn’t matter what your property is, a semi detached, a town house, detached, if you have a suitable loft space and want to maximise on the size and value of your home, then South London Refurbishments can provide the full service for you. Click here for further information  loft conversions Wimbledon.

RUMM leaders in energy saving solutions

RUMM energy management UK leaders in energy reduction and savings strive to create Energy management Sustainability with corporate companies throughout the UK and Wales. Many sectors including Energy management manufacturing have benefited greatly from RUMM’S energy savings solutions. Have a look at this case study with how RUMM have saved Enersys excess of £200k pa.

Enersys is the global leader in stored DC power products for industrial applications and has over 100 years of battery experience. It has manufacturing facilities in many countries and sales and service locations throughout.

The Brief

RUMM energy management Wales was engaged at the Newport plant to design and install the most appropriate metering infrastructure, and to provide full energy management services (EMS) in order to attack the annual energy bill of £2.2million.

The Method

Initially 66 electricity, gas and water meters were installed to provide the consumption patterns to target energy saving projects. Half hourly utility data was analysed using the RUMM IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) system.

Savings have been achieved across the site but in particular in the extraction and compressor systems where the IBASS data alarming function ensures that savings identified are achieved and will be sustained. Shutdown procedures have led to savings at no capital cost and have led to behaviour change. Low-cost, no-cost savings have been supplemented by capital projects with less than a year payback to give Enersys a structured and successful cost reduction plan.

Why it worked

From executive level through to the shop floor, RUMM worked in partnership with everyone at Enersys. There has been a continuous focus from the company on their investment in RUMM and to achieve break-even and generate net savings as soon as was practicable. The position was reported upon at each formal quarterly meeting which maintained a business footing for the partnership.

Subsequent to passing through the break-even point Enersys has invested in additional metering confident that the information generated would lead to more savings. Area benchmarking and targeting has raised the staff energy awareness – this ensures participation by all in energy saving behaviour leading to continuing success of the RUMM methodology. .

“We are now enjoying savings in excess of £200k pa and have a plan to continue to drive down costs”

Plant Manager & Director, Newport Facility, Enersys

Have the wedding of your dreams

Our company decided to do something different for employees for their Christmas party. We usually hire out a restaurant every year in central London but this year employees have gone over and above their ‘call of duty’ working very hard and we felt we wanted to give them something special as a gesture to say thank you.

Not knowing where to start we started searching on-line for Corporate Marquee Hire and discovered a company who not only has the largest selection of marquees for hire, they also have well experienced event co-ordinators and even better they have a great online system whereby were able to get an instant online quote.


From the outset we had nothing but professional, punctual, affordable and creative service thus putting on a brilliant function which everyone enjoyed, had fun and the food was great.

Don’t let winter put you off having a party – Winter Marquee Hire is a perfect way to have a successful event.

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DIY Marquees your one stop marquee shop

DIY marquees for sale are offering some new products for 2014. This includes a new range of commercial heavy duty pop-up style marquees from 3x3m up to 4x8m available with or without internal decorative linings. We are also going to be offering a range of peaked roof pagoda style marquees from spring 2014 onwards; these use the same heavy duty framework as our existing ranges but feature a peaked roof for a greater wow factor at functions.

At DIY Marquees we supply a range of Party tents for sale, pop-ups and heavy duty marquee for sale suitable for private or commercial use. We also supply a range of internal lining, lighting, flooring and other accessories -if we don’t supply it then we can usually supply details of someone in the industry that can.

We design all of our DIY Marquees to be as easy to erect as possible, most of our marquees only use two different lengths of pole so that even over time they are still easy to recognise and erect. No previous experience of erecting heavy duty marquee is required, our instructions and videos will guide you through step by step exactly how to erect each marquee to professional standards.