Don’t call it, SWYX it!


The Leading Unified Communications Product in Europe, with cutting edge technology, SWYX is head and shoulders above any other VOIP solution on the market. With some exclusive added benefits SWYX is fast becoming the market leader is the world.

Swyx provides the most advanced software-based IP telephony system on the market. Using your existing IP (internet protocol) network and Microsoft® Server, Swyx offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system with so much more, including integrating voice with email and fax; while also allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits of business-class VoIP.

Knowall IT has been providing Swyx Telephony and Swyx support since 2003. Knowall IT has become experts in Swyx and we offer Swyx Support contracts very similar to our other IT Support contracts.

Speak to Knowall today about their FULL IT SUPPORT LONDON and IT SUPPORT LONDON and how they can assist with all your IT requirements.

Mal Weeraratne is the Founder of Tantric Journey

Mal Weeraratne is the Founder of Tantric Journey and has worked in the field of Human Sexuality since 1994. He is a skilled and qualified holistic practitioner and over the past twenty years he has learnt the following massage modalities and other therapies from all over the world, being trained in:

Holistic Body Therapy; Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tantric Healing Massage, Pelvic-Heart Integration, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sacred Spot Massage and Yoni Healing, Kahuna, Emotional and Physical Release Massage, Spiritual Hot Rock Massage, Journey Therapy, Aspects of Counselling, Yoga Stretches, Breath work, Toning (with sounds), Chin Nei Tsang Massage (Abdominal massage), Karasi Nei Tsang (genital therapeutic massage)

His scope and level of training is truly admirable, but it is his dedication, patience and the deep level of understanding that Mal has that truly makes him and his work special.  Mal has spent years researching female sexual dysfunction and has a deep understanding of female ejaculation. His work has gained him international acclaim and he has treated thousands of women from across the globe.

When speaking about Tantric Journey Mal Weerarante he says, “it may challenge everything you ever believed in both culturally and religiously in the modern Western life”.  It is certainly a therapy unlike any other that is available in the UK at the moment it combines the ancient science of Tantra with deep breathing, sound therapy, body movement and talking therapy.

This treatment gives the client ultimate control of the pace and focus of the healing.  Tantric Journey teaches the body and mind to self-heal, self-develop and to master the skills of achieving a full body, extended Multi Orgasmic Response (MORE), instead of a localised genital release, putting the woman in charge of her own sexuality.

The deep bodywork that Mal carries out in a Tantric Journey healing session will help to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, issues and blocks and will create sufficient energies that will spread throughout your body to heal every cell.

What makes a great male escort?

The key to being in the companion escort industry is presentation. You don’t need to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie! However it’s important to always present yourself well on paper, in pictures and particularly in person – put your best foot forward! Read this great article on how to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and clear.

Look fresh, well groomed and presentable with good manners and an ever ready smile and soon you will find that it’s the most natural thing in the world to become a male escort.

If you have ever needed to rent a friend or find a suitable person to accompany you on a date then you will know how important it is to making sure that person fits in and is well groomed.

No need for bad manners, vulgar language or poor eating habits, brush up on your general knowledge and be part of a group of people who work and have fun at the same time.

Click here to find out more on How to become a male escort and you will soon be living the life you have always desired.

DIY Marquees for most durable quality marquees for sale

How to erect a marquee on hard standing?

The easiest way to erect a marquee is on grass using a tie down kit to hold it in place but sometimes a marquee has to go up on hard surfaces. With our DIY Marquees (and indeed most quality marquees) this isn’t a problem as long as you fit groundbars. Groundbars don’t hold the marquee down but they do make it more rigid – imagine the marquee as a box, securing the bottom line makes it a much stronger and more rigid box.

When erecting a marquee on hard standing:

Look around the site, if the marquee is to be erected on a patio often there are flower beds or other soft surfaces to gain anchoring points from and just use longer tie downs.

Assuming there is no existing anchoring point the remaining options are heavy weights or drilling in to the ground.

Drilling is usually only an option on car parks or old tennis courts (be sure to fill the holes afterwards with an appropriate filler).

Concrete blocks or sand bags can be used as weights but my preference is water butts. These are light to carry round but you only fill them up once they are strapped to the marquee (this does rely on having a hosepipe on site).

When using weights strap them directly to the marquee, having them a distance away just gives the weight room to drag slightly and then it’s lost most of its use.

Click here for many other marquees and Party tents for sale

Heavy duty durable quality marquees

Thank you to everyone who visited us at The Showmans Show last week. For those that didn’t make it we displayed one of our new pop-up marquee for sale including linings, we also had a new pagoda style marquee that will be a standard stock item next year. We’re confident both will prove popular and really add something to the marquee hire industry.

The Show itself was again very quiet, personally I think a change to Fri/Sat would really help increase visitors. I know ourselves and many other suppliers will be monitoring the leads generated carefully as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify the large expenses incurred. Two lined marquees with chandeliers and honeybeige carpet   Two marquees set up as a beer hall (full)   Two 6x12m DIY Marquees side by side

As an erector of smaller marquees it is always a joy to see what can be achieved in larger structures, some of the two story marquees are very very impressive. Saying that I wouldn’t like to put them up!

Thanks for reading.

Excellent quality equipment and services from IBS

FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum Loader.

Able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system.

The FVP 25 has been designed for :

High performance

    • Excellent conveying rates
    • Utilises an energy saving electric motor on soft start (running on a 32A power
      supply) and a high quality tri-lobe positive displacement vacuum pump
    • Quiet operation
    • Excellent filtration

Build quality and reliability

  • Very robust – exceeds that of our competitors whilst remaining very cost effective
  • Low running and maintenance costs


  • Unlike our competitors machines the FVP25 is suitable for wet and dry materials and sludges
  • Super flexible hose and a selection of vacuum tools are available


  • The FVP25 can be used to power a centralised vacuum system
    to feed material back into the process or for bagging purposes.


  • The unit has 1 cubic meter integral tipping skip


  • The FVP25 can be supplied with an additional 1 cubic meter fork lift
    intercept sealed skip, bottom dump intercept hopper or filter hopper.
    Larger skips are also available

IBS for all your Industrial Vacuum Services.

IBS offer a wide selection of Industrial Vacuum Machines

Portable Vacuum Units

IBS offer a wide range of industrial vacuums.  Such as this:  FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum Loader. This incredible piece of equipment is able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system.

IBS offer a no obligation site survey; allow them to assist you by offering units for trial purposes. This is a great service and offer by IBS. They supply units on short or long term hire, contract hire or lease.

Ask the experts in architecture to assist with any project

Architecture is one of humanity’s most visible and long-lasting forms of expression. Most historic civilizations are identified by their surviving architectural relics, like the Pyramids of Gyza, the Golden Pavilion in Japan, or the Taj Mahal. The history of the discipline spans as long as humanity – from Classical to Rocco to Art Nouveau.

No wonder there is much emphasis on choosing architects, the best in the business as they have the very power to change the world. What sets dblo Associates apart from the rest? These are a powerful team of individuals passionate about creating and enhancing value through design. The combined knowledge and passion these individuals have makes them a valuable asset to any project they are working on.

dblo associates architects Holland Parkarchitects London Bridge architects Chelsea and work covers architecture, interior design and development. Working as a studio, allows flexibility to expand and contract to suit workloads and to draw on the wider expertise of our associate studios across London.

Speak to the professionals in architecture in London

There are many architects London Bridge around so when looking for a good architect make sure you do your homework and research the different firms around. Some things to make sure you find out:

What projects have been worked on by architects Holland Park, commercial and residential. Word of mouth is always a great way to find a reputable company. Ask to view some of the projects they have worked on and speak to the consultants directly. You will soon get a good feel as to how good the company is. 

We recently needed some commercial work undertaken and after spending many months researching different architects in London we found dblo Associates to be the company that is the most recommended in the industry.


Holiday Lets Londres

Jusqu’en 2013, la plus haute vue de Londres a été vu depuis le sud de la Tamise par le 443 mètres London Eye, la première grande roue jamais en Europe visité par près de 3,5 millions de personnes par an. Très certainement contagieuse d’oeil donné à son énormité comme vous pouvez le voir tourner un éléphantesque « roue de bicyclette » dans la rêverie si elle devait avoir une âme au milieu de la ligne d’horizon de Londres – qui pèse sur de nombreux motifs de dos de photos touristiques. Ce touriste chaud spotter a été ouvert en 1999 par le Premier ministre , Tony Blair. Bien qu’il ne fournit plus le point de vue le plus élevé , il est l’une des icônes qui illuminent le ciel de Londres tous les soirs et aussi chaque nouvelle année est accompagnée d’ un feu d’artifice de la roue elle-même . Aussi cette icône colossal a eu le privilège de participer à la commémoration du soixantième anniversaire de la reine Elizabeth II , où il avait un de ses capsules de passagers désignés comme la capsule du Couronnement.

“The Eye a fait pour Londres ce que la Tour Eiffel a fait pour Paris, qui est de lui donner un symbole et de laisser les gens montent au-dessus de la ville et de regarder vers le bas sur elle. Pas seulement des spécialistes ou des gens riches, mais tout le monde . C’est la beauté de la chose : il est public et accessible, et il est dans une excellente position au coeur de Londres ” . – Sir Richard Rogers, lauréat du prix Pritzker d’architecture 2007.La roue tourne à 0,9 km / h et un tour prend environ 30 minutes. Il dispose de 32 capsules pesant chacun 10 tonnes pouvant transporter 25 passagers . Malgré sa vitesse de déplacement lente de la roue ne s’arrête afin d’aider les aînés et les lentes. La roue est décoré avec des lumières LED qui peuvent être exploités numériquement.Une nouvelle expérience 4D et billetterie Hall a été conçu comme un programme de vol pré pour les visiteurs.Idéal pour accompagner votre court séjour est un tour court de 30 minutes où vous pouvez profiter d’une vue panoramique sur Londres. Si vous avez des enfants, le point de vue de plus écrasante pittoresque Londres est recommandé , après tout l’idée de tourner dans un éléphantesque « roue de bicyclette » serait assez exaltante pour un jeune . London Eye est l’une des attractions de locations vacances londres, un séjour bien budgétisé à un hébergement indépendant comme locations de vacances à Londres laissera plus de place dans votre portefeuille pour visiter d’autres attractions que nous avons mentionnés tels que le Palais de Westminster , Globe Theatre , Big Ben , etc .

Locations de vacances à Londres est l’un des nombreux studios locations vacances londres centre mais se distingue comme l’un des meilleurs en raison de sa popularité en réservation facile, croyez-paiements dignes et oui Hors sûr le meilleur Appartement à louer à Londres pour le prix que vous payez.