When a family member passes, it is time of great importance as it is the end of a life which is both mourned and celebrated.  Having a funeral or memorial service is an important way to ensure that those who remain behind are able to both mourn and celebrate the loved one as part of their grieving process. The rituals which we attach to the passing on from this life, no matter your religious background, culture of belief, facilitates closure which helps those who may be struggling to let go. Funerals are your very last chance to meaningfully say goodbye to your loved one which means that funerals are by, nature, very emotional.  However we also know too well that there is a time for all of us, to leave our families. A time which one should prepare for in advance.

Should this time occur at a time when not expected or without the relevant preparation and planning, this can lead to elevated anxiety resulting from the lack of attention to the requirements attached to the end of life. Each situation is unique and Lodge Brothers Legal Services understands all the aspects of your estate, wills, probate and lasting power of attorney Guildford, which means that they take care of every detail and any situation which could arise at the point at which an individual has passed. Whether a family has prepared for this moment, or not, there is nothing that Lodge Brothers Legal Services cannot take the fear and stress out of.

As one becomes older, it is very important that people encourage elderly folks to remain engaged with the decisions relating to their life choices. This allows a person to feel empowered and promotes on-going feelings of independence. Aspects relating to Probate, the drawing up of Wills and most importantly, the Lasting power of Attorney Ashford service, empower individuals with the option of deciding ahead of their departure, what they would want when their time comes, thereby alleviating the additional stress that can be felt by families when they can ill afford the additional concerns of financial burdens. This impact is traditionally well-received by families who fear that they may have administrative decisions to make, which is why, this lasting power of attorney Feltham option is popular with our clients and their families. Clients are encouraged to take ownership of all aspects of their estate as well as aspects relating how they would want to be cared for and by whom, should they be unable to make this decision sometime in the future.

Lodge Brothers attoneys know that its all in the details and have the training and expertise required to ensure that clients are well-informed and updated regularly so that they may remain current with legislation, enabling them with relevant information. No detail is too much to ask from Lodge Brothers legal attorneys who remain available to clients long after the initial documenation has been drawn up and authorised, no matter how far in advance the funeral has been planned, paid for and all legal documentation completed.

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If you dont understand the importance of probate, find out now

Lodge Brothers Legal Services attorneys are often asked to explain what exactly probate is. The answer is that probate is part of the legal process which takes place after someone has passed on and involves proving to the court, that the Will of the deceased, is a true, valid and an legal document. This is important in that we need to ensure that the last wish of the deceased, is honoured. The last will and testament is essentially the final word from the deceased regarding whereby he or she decides who their property, their valuables and possessions, are distributed to those for whom they were intended. It is a sad truth that some people do die without a valid will and when this happens, it leaves their estate vulnerable to manipulation by those left behind.


Anyone who has had to deal with the estate of a family member who has no valid Will may already know how stressful this can be and how sometimes, things can go badly when family members battle it out for what they believe was “promised” to them during the life of their beloved. Even small family units have ended up in turmoil over how to split the possessions of a parent or sibling appropriately. Imagine how stressful this time would be if there were a large and extended family, with split and second or even third families resulting from divorce, would be. What should happen if a couple were separated when one were to pass away without a Will… would that spouse still be entitled to the belongings of the partner who they have separated from? And what if there were a new partner who considered themselves more entitled to certain beloved possessions? Lodge Brothers Legal Services attorneys have assisted thousands of households to navigate difficult situations such as these.

At a time like this, your probate Guildford attorney is more than just someone to provide you with legal services and advise. Your legal attorney is your knowledgeable partner who has both experience in the law as well as experience in family dynamics and how they can affect the family during complicated scenarios. It is important, when tempers may flare, to make the best choices with the deceased person’s wishes in mind, but also with the potential benefactors in mind. Any legal attorney with experience in this area will be able to listen to the needs of everyone in the family objectively and provide neutral solutions which takes into account both their previous experience with the courts as well as the application of the law and how it will impact the family. A legal lawyer is your best source of information when emotions run high and decision making seems impossible. Turning to the law can help to make decisions that appear to be “shades of grey”, into a version of black and white that cuts through the tension and emotion which can be a gift for those grappling with choices and demands of aggrieved families.

Turn to the family that you can trust to assist you with the process of probate West Byfleet. At a time of great emotion, your legal attorney could be your best solution.

Be prepared now, probate cannot wait

What is probate and why is it necessary to involve and attorney in the process of probate proving? It may not be necessary for a person to use an attorney for this process however if this is something that you are not familiar with, it is highly recommended for you to let an attorney assist you in order to ensure that everything is completed and assessed as it should be. Without the appropriate experience in this area, the situation can be over-whelming and may end up cost you in the long run.


Lodge Brothers Legal Services employees are not only familiar with the process, they have dedicated their life’s work to offering the best service and expertise to those who seek them out for assistance. After the passing of your family member or loved one, a person has many difficult decisions to make, least of which is dealing with the will of the person who has passed away. What happens if the will is not verified or is contested at court? Well this is the time when its better to hand over to the professionals.

A Probate Guildford estate comprises of all the assets and liabilities that a person has when they pass away. These assets and liabilities are verified by proving that the Will that the person has left behind, if they have indeed left a Will and instructions therein, is a genuine instruction from the departed as to how they would like their estate to be dealt with and settled. Assets include everything that the deceased physically owned both specified and unspecified in the last Will and testament. All the possessions that a person has, must be dealt with correctly at the time of passing, no matter how big or small, no matter how valuable, be it emotionally or financially. Probate is an active process which helps to sort the estate of the passed individual out as intended.

The process of probate can sometimes be sorted out in as little as 6 months, in some cases. Probate can at the same time, take as long as 2 years or more to assess and verify. The timeframe of the probate process depends on the complexity of the estate which can also be affected when the Will is disputed by a family member. Some small estates are the rare exception to the process and may not require probate Sunbury at all.  A court supervised process, probate can be a complex procedure.

Lodge Brothers legal services, partner to the Lodge Brothers family of funeral directors, have the know-how of the legal process of probate is a stress-free one. Once all is said and done there are only benefits to contact Legal Brothers Legal Service attorneys, Sophie, Emily and Hannah, to assist you with this emotionally draining process. Services for probate can be agreed to and paid for ahead of time which will ease the process at the end of the day and ensure that the estate is correctly and accurately handled as preferred.


Assistance with finalising your assets

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Lodge Brothers is the familiar, well-known nationwide organisation who recently created a new division of their business, Lodge Brothers Legal services. Established to assist with all of the legal aspects pertaining to the end of life-affairs of an individual who is now no longer around to take care of personal and financial details. Here you can expect expert help from the family you can turn to.

One of the earliest things that a individual will need as they begin to grown into adulthood, is a bank account in order to manage their financial transactions and this is the first step towards independence. The vast majority of UK residence and citizens would have their own bank accounts from a substantially early age. As school and studies finish and young adults move into the working world a person may begin gain assets: perhaps different modes of transport, items of value, sentimental pieces, electronic devices and more. A person may then become the parent or guardian of baby or young child which may result in the purchasing or renting of accommodation which is needed to house and keep your family safe and provided for. One might even begin to accrue assets and wealth, create trusts or investing in shares. However sometimes, life takes a turn for the poorest and can become difficult as we manage our finances and assets which may result in a loss of income or major debt of some kind resulting from unforeseen circumstances. This too needs to managed.

Life brings endless scenarios which, at the end of the day, will need to be considered, assessed and finalised. Understandably, there are legal aspects to this process that require a specialist to step in with professional advice in order to assist. Turn to Lodge Brothers Legal Service Ashford for expert advice and a free no-obligation quote.

After our passing, that bank account which we open early in life will need to be finalised and closed, debtors and creditors assessed. This requires an appointed professional who will handle this detail and many others. Fortunately, legal service Weybridge is the sole focus for the team of Lodge Brothers legal advisors. Attorneys at law who are intimately familiar with what needs to be done to finalise an individual’s estate, ensuring any debts or monies are handled in line with tax and other legal requirements and that any assets, monies, trusts and sentimental keepsakes or items of value,  are correctly handled in line with your final wishes, as prescribed by your Will.

Legal service Guildford related to the funeral industry include allocating power of attorney, management of probate which is managed by Lodge Brothers Legal service Woking attorneys who work directly with the courts in order to finalise estates, assets, debts and finalizing who will be taking ownership of these aspects of your life now that you are no longer around to deal with them. An attorney of this kind is of great value to your family, friends and loved ones during difficult and complicated times. Guaranteed to assist with any Legal service Ashford, your affairs can be trusted to Lodge Brothers professional attorneys in around the UK.

Prepare your Will with Legal Services division of Lodge Brothers

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The Legal Services division of Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors was founded in 2016. Proudly acclaimed Lodge Brothers Funeral Director boasts 7 generations of family owned companies,  in the business of funeral directing. Due to our hands on experience and intimate knowledge of what is involved, it became clear to us that there was a further essential requirement for the assisting of people to plan for their end of life. Lack of planning and preparation for the loss of life is something that too often is neglected and the effects of this lack of preparation can have a devastating effect on the lives on the family members who are then tasked with the decision-making and the administrative tasks which accompany the tying up of one’s estate. With this in mind, Lodge Brother Legal Services Ealing and over 40 other locations across Middlesex, Surrey and Berkshire was created in 2016, so that our Solicitors can assist by drawing up documents such as Wills, Probate documentation and Powers of Attorney all of which are created to protection your rights and wishes so that when it comes your time to pass, everything is implemented just as you wished it to be, ensuring both your peace of mind, and that of your loved ones.

With barely a third of our country-men and women have prepared themselves by writing a Will for themselves, this leaves a gargantuan number of over two thirds of our country who are currently without a personal Will. Your Will is your final chance to communicate to your family and loved ones regarding how you wish to be buried, who you wish your belongings and estate to be split among and who should receive the material items of your estate. Legal Services Guildford handles these details with reverence and compassion and is mindful that the expense of a funeral is often the last thing we wish to think about as we go about our daily lives. With this in mind, Legal Services Weybridge offers the process of administering an estate, otherwise known as probate, at a fixed rate which is agreed in advance and tailor-makes the service and the cost thereof, to your specific needs. Whether your requirement is to have us ensure that your paperwork is correctly completed, or whether you wish to hand the entire probate process over to us to manage, Lodge Brothers Legal Service will always ensure that your legal needs and emotional well-being wishes, are met with compassion and empathy, at all times.

Should you wish to appoint Lodge Brothers Legal Services division with the Lasting Power of Attorney, in the event that life goes by, you find yourself in the situation where, with no fault of your own, you may become unable or even unwilling, to make decisions for yourself, due to the loss of your mental capacity, your rights can be protected on an on-going basis. Our Legal Services division can assist with the preparation of such documents as well as the registration thereof.

Safeguard your future with Lodge Brothers Legal Services.